About the question of whether a tumor will be genetic, a few years ago there was a very typical example: the famous American actress Angelina jolie has carried on the preventive bilateral breast surgery, the reason is that through genetic testing found that she inherited from the mother cancer susceptibility genes brca1 mutations, a 87% increased risk of breast cancer. In the absence of a disease, or even without any signs of illness, the active removal of the double milk, which many people seem to be unable to understand, has caused a great deal of discussion. Jolie's story has made the public aware that cancer is genetic, and more and more people are concerned about whether a loved one's cancer means they are at risk.


  The answer is yes. A large number of studies have shown that tumor is a kind of multi-gene genetic susceptibility disease, and there is a phenomenon of family aggregation. However, different types of tumors, heritability also has the size. Currently, the most common and relatively clear genetic malignancies are breast cancer, ovarian cancer, non-polyposis colorectal cancer (lynch syndrome), etc. These malignant tumors are often associated with genetic mutations.

  Brca1 /brca2 mutations are more likely to cause disease in hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. According to the literature, the risk of

  Cancer is a chronic disease.

  In retrospect, cancer has existed for at least a few thousand years, but the real study is only over 100 years. Surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy have been developed from scratch, and the therapeutic effect has been improved. In 2006, the annual meeting of the American society of clinical oncology reported encouraging news: "the total number of cancer deaths in the United States declined for the first time in 2005." Based on this, since 2006, the who and other international institutions have change yi zhang, the original as "incurable" cancer "redefined as" to treat, control or even cure chronic disease ".

  Why is cancer a chronic disease? Because cancer has the common characteristic of chronic diseases, such as the cause of complex, multiple risk factors, long-term latent, long course of disease, causing dysfunction, etc., and it is more common than most people think. Cao zeyi, honorary director of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at Peking University's first affiliated hospital, told the life times that in general, cancer is divided into four phases, one and two in the early stages, and the third and fourth stages are later. A healthy cell develops into a malignant tumor that usually takes up to 10 to 20 years. Was medical experts in the United States in the early 1980 s, the report said: in the resin solution of up and down the 80 - year - old old people, a quarter of the human body contains tumor, but the former life without any symptoms associated with cancer.

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