"Warm complement" "clean up" the average person understand, "fill in the belt is run" also how to do?
Zhi-min Yang action. "if some people are in the process of eating cream, supplements appear irritated, can drink some honey water or fruit tea, such as apples, pears, oranges, plus a few slices of lemon slices, sometimes also can boil some sesame paste, almond paste, water chestnut sugar water lily, effectively run dry."The best way to reduce labour in refilling vape cartridge is by getting an oil cartridge filling machine! They have a small table top design and come with a year’s warranty. So, do some work with this machine!

For some parents to buy the "cream square hot style" for children, Yang zhimin does not advocate, "unless there is an obvious chronic disease, it is not recommended that the child eat the cream prematurely; The child's zang-fu has the function of growing hair, not too early to intervene excessively, this stage USES the method of feeding to be appropriate."
Is the paste better than soup?
The anointing party must answer the question
November 7th is the winter holiday, the annual lingnan paste festival is really a sea of people. However, the reporter found that many people actually have a little knowledge of the cream, according to the question of the most frequently asked by the public, we hereby provide a "answer to the question" about the paste.
Isn't the lingnan hot and humid?

Because the four seasons are high and humid, the old people mostly think of their own body heat and humidity, so they are worried about the dryness. Really?
"In fact, the physique of guangdong people has changed long ago, now qi is the first place, the heat and humidity is the fifth highest." "Said Yang.
She pointed out that the former lingnan is full of sanji fish ponds, people are farming and fishing for a living, the sun and rain, the hot and humid fumigation of lingnan climate has a great influence on people's physique. But today the lingnan person has outdoor activities, daily stay air conditioning room, plus increased eating cold food, "we found that nowadays lingnan on the top of the list is no longer the hot and humid, but qi deficiency, followed by Yang deficiency, phlegm dampness, qi depression, the fifth is the hot and humid."
Therefore, in the work and life faster lingnan, people appear biased constitution, fatigue, insomnia, physical and mental pressure is big, easy to catch a cold, loss of appetite, winter cold hands and feet, looks bleak, dry hair, etc. And autumn and winter, it is to let the human body with the "winter Tibet", the annual loss of solar energy is replenished.
How is the paste better than soup?
Cantonese people are used to soup, stew, etc., and more effective methods?

Yang zhimin pointed out that compared with the soup water, the thick, heavy paste is more suitable for autumn and winter. The so-called "paste" has multiple meanings: in terms of content, the essence of objects is paste; In the case of function, it has the effect of nourishing paste. In terms of efficacy, cream can cure diseases.
Especially in the modulation of sub-health state (such as virtual body, afraid of cold, easy to cold, fatigue, insomnia, forgetfulness, etc.), early menopause and a variety of chronic diseases such as allergic rhinitis, asthma and rehabilitation after illness, paste has more obvious advantages.
To remind is, however, before the paste supplements must first identify constitution, according to the constitution partial or disease state, prescribing a suitable for their own physical condition, to make the paste play a nourishing and strong, fight decline live and cure correction function.
In addition, cream is a buffer, usually take two or three months to have obvious effect, simple conditioning, after the general winter, after the spring to the spring equinox.

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